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Dependable Social Security & Bankruptcy Services

Take some of the stress out of your finances with social security and bankruptcy services from Kelley & Leger Law Offices in Caribou, Maine. Our experienced counsel will assist with your comprehensive legal solution.
Legal Assistance - Social Security in Caribou, ME

Bankruptcy Relief

Do you need bankruptcy relief? We offer assistance in the filing of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. Our experienced and supportive counsel aims to protect our clients' rights, while proceeding through the process.

Kelley & Leger Law Offices is a debt-relief agency, as we assist people in filing for bankruptcy under the bankruptcy codes. Our experts will help you to determine which option will work the best for you, while exploring any other alternatives to bankruptcy.

Social Security Services

Has your social security been denied? Losing your ability to work can be a troubling situation. Kelley & Leger Law Offices knows that the road to receiving your benefits can be a difficult one. We are here to assist you, and to help you understand disability laws. The attorneys on our staff are experienced in both social security income and social security disability.
Contact us in Caribou, Maine, to make your financial burdens easier with social security and bankruptcy services.